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Each month, we need volunteer buddies to work with neurodiverse children and their siblings. Newcomers will be paired with experienced volunteers. Whether you're a first-time or long-term CRC volunteer, consider committing to a 1-year serving opportunity.

We're also looking for experienced teachers to lead groups of 5-10 neurodiverse children. Preferred experience includes Applied Behavior Analysis, special education, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, or related fields. If you've served as a volunteer before and want to step up to be a teacher, prayerfully consider the opportunity. Consistency is encouraged!

Volunteer Buddies

  • Work 1:1 or occasionally with 2 children based on your experience and comfort level

  • Assist the classroom teacher during group activities like games, movement breaks, and Bible story time

  • Play and build rapport with the child during free time

Experienced Teachers

  • Facilitate group activities: theme-based program from the Bible, crafts, songs, movement breaks

  • Oversee volunteers and build relationships during free time 

  • Supervise dinner

Volunteer Sign-Up

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