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CRC January 2023 Updates

Happy Lunar New Year! May God bless you all healthy and prosperous at the Year of the Rabbit!

Yesterday (1/21), we had a great opportunity to introduce CRC to the Taiwanese community during the CNY Celebration Party. The organizers contributed their gift cards and cash and, most importantly, space and time for the raffle game for donation to CRC. Finally we got a $293 donation from the raffle tickets! The unexpected opportunity reminds me that when we dream big and take the baby steps, God will do the rest. Praise the lord!

There were almost 300-400 participants in the event. I got many young helpers who handed out the raffle tickets to exchange the donation. The young volunteers are so amazing as to walk back and forth, asking for more raffle tickets after they handed it all out. All of them also needed to perform instruments or singing. I gave a speech to participants about what CRC has done over the past 7 years. We enjoyed music, sang a song, played and ate. It was a fun party!

This year CRC will have a lot of changes. One of them is to reach out more families affected by disability, providing teaching to the kids and supporting groups to the parents so they can grow and be stronger under God’s love and grace. We ask you to reach out to families in need or to join our activities this year. We are happy to have you!

God bless!

In Him, Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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