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CRC Oct and Nov 2023 Updates

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy the serene day with the falling leaves that come with natural sound and different colors to show God’s beauty!

In Oct, CRC hosted a Behavior Management Workshop led by Dr. Mei-Hua, who taught teachers and volunteers how to manage the kids in the classes. The workshop became practical when we had our normal session that played games and danced with kids. We had around 40 people. Parents chit chatted in the group to share their highs and lows. I felt peace and calm like Thanksgiving but actually under God’s love.

In Nov, we had our event earlier on 11/11. God’s strength and grace expanded in a powerful way. Totally we had around 60 people joining!

First, we had more volunteers joining another workshop hosted by Dr. Agnes Man, the licensed social worker, to talk about social-emotional learning: What. Why? When. How?

Second, we had more new parents referred by relatively new parents who joined a couple months ago. Christina, our passionate volunteer who participated in the parent group, started leading parents and sharing gospel and a christian movie to parents. After CRC, she told me one parent asked to continue to receive the daily devotional messages and coming an event on 12/16 for a christian movie called “Love is Plan b”

One parent brought her eldest son who got a severe brain injury when he was young. He sits on the wheel chair and cannot take care of himself. The parent told me “I promised you to bring my son here to support CRC. I made it.” My wife then prayed for her and her family.

All these were just a corner of stories but they combine as a beautiful one that reminds me today how lucky I am to work with leaders, teachers, volunteers, parents, kids. Even though we have different backgrounds, we are so common and united under the big umbrella that God creates to protect us away from the rains and storms. There is no serving or being served, we all learn to be a better one like the body of Christ.

I want to say thank you again to all of you. As a president, I dream of vision and direction. But my dream can become true only if I have you, all of you to believe in me to go in that direction. I also want to say thank you to God, who assigned me in this position that I never thought of. Countless times he told me "it's okay, I will be with you" when I had no idea how to make things happen. He sent me angels, he provided me wisdom, he taught me how to be humble. He turned me back to the right direction when I was lost. He is the one who controls.

Welcome to join us!

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC) 

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