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CRC August 2023 Updates

Aloha folks! Hope you enjoy the last week of summer and well prepare the new school year for your kids (or yourself!).

This summer in Aug we had a special event - outdoor with CRC families!

Praise the lord. The weather was so nice and the play field was so kid-friendly that we were able to play together with different activities in a safe area!! Thanks Mei-Hua for planning the games and preparing all the equipment! Kids played kites and ran around, parents chit-chatted with other parents. God’s love flowing around, getting into our heart so deep that the power of it made everything possible. One kid who has autism was too shy to play kite but eventually started picking up the kite, running so hard as to make the kite fly high. He tried a couple times, with his sweats and smiles that showed me the courage and willingness that I had not seen when he first came. God was working on him.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers and volunteers. Thank you Natalie for contributing her time to design and update the CRC website. Thank you Mei-Hua for the communication and admin support with volunteers. Thank you Dorothy and Victoria for teaching in the classrooms. Thank you Cristina for sharing the gospel to the parents. Thanks for the new and committed volunteers that show up. We have done so many changes this year but still a lot to do in the future. Your hard work and dedication motivated us to continue to work for the CRC families in our community.

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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