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CRC February 2023 Updates

Nice to start our first CRC in Feb 2023! This year, as planned, we reached out to more new families, to recruit more volunteers through different channels, to create new activities so they feel loved and supported by God and our team!

On Feb 25, in addition to the usual CRC, we had a volunteering appreciation event on the same day. Volunteers played games, sharing and networking to build the rapport between right before the normal CRC activity. Amazingly we have 4 new families joining us this month! Thanks to the volunteers’ effort and God’s blessing, new parents enjoyed the respite care we provided, some of them joining our parents group to ask questions answered by the old parents who shared experience and resources. I can see God’s grace and love flowing around the rooms.

On Mar 1, Mei-Hua and I got invited by WeTalk800, the online channel by BCEC, to introduce CRC to the public. During the interview, we shared our mission, what we have done for parents and kids, what challenges we have had, and what we need to overcome those challenges. Kathy Tsang, one of the long-term parents from CRC, shared for her consistent participation in CRC since 11 years ago (long before CRC was officially established!)

She felt impressed when her son joined CRC for the very first time and asked her to come again next month because he said “Jesus will forgive me even if I make mistakes”. The answer was so powerful to me that I felt empowered to do what I need to do for the families under God's strength! The interview was in Cantonese. Feel free to watch the recording or to share the link below with your friends and families if they want to know more about CRC!

Over the past 2 weeks, I also had an opportunity to introduce CRC to my company, Bank of America, after I connected to the Asian Leadership team. I already had two meetings with the team leaders to talk about the potential collaboration and support by them. Coincidentally, one of the leaders said that she knows CRC because her friends joined CRC before! The world can be so small in the community and so big through the power of mouth if we do the right thing.

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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