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CRC July 2023 Updates

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Happy August! Hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy the warm weather that is precious in New England!

In July we had new parents joining and old parents coming back! Parents felt more relaxed and willing to share their highs and lows (More highs than lows actually! I am glad to get that positive energy from the parents!) Teacher supervisor and teachers managed classrooms and lessons so well that they designed and created new activities to share bible stories and spiritual songs! Kids played and learned about Jesus! What amazing classes we had!

In July, I had an opportunity to introduce CRC at the headquarter of my company, sharing what we have done for the families in the Chinese community. I also had a tour to the operation department that hired employees with disabilities. By all the connections, I realized there are 15 agencies that help kids with disabilities to get jobs in Massachusetts including large corporations. I talked to those hired and felt they are so proud of what they are working! It gave me hope that those employees can be one day the kids from CRC! The manager told me she can provide a tour to age 18+ kids from CRC to visit the department in the future! Praise the Lord!

Thanks supervisor Mei-Hua and teacher Dorothy for all the great ideas that made our classrooms more fun and spiritual! The Bible lesson in July was on FRUITS of SPIRIT! We had an activity where we made fruit cups and sticks with kids together in a room. Kids designed the tree, sang songs, ate fruit cups, all of which remind me God is working with his almighty power and we just need to follow his path and do our minimum with love in a very humble way!

One parent shared in the group that she started studying psychology at graduate school that may have started so long ago if her son had not been diagnosed. She eventually decided to do it because she believes in God. Fear only comes into play if we have no idea who backs us up. If we do know God and we truly believe his power, there is no place for fear!

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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