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CRC May 2023 Updates

It has been two weeks since the CRC activity in May. I am still moved to tears when I think of how God showed his love for me, preparing me to be a good leader and helping me for CRC's direction. One day I was sharing CRC to a dad from my kids’ school and I told him how many kids we had at May's activity. He said “it looks like your strategy is working”. I said “Actually there is no strategy. I just keep doing what I think is right”. Maybe I should have told him that “I just keep doing what God thinks is right”. "God never asks us to be ready. He wants us to step out on his faith".

In May, we had 23 kids and 6 new parents joining us!! Praise the Lord! Thank you for BCEC’s support so we could use the largest room on the first floor for dinner. During dinner time, all of us are helping out - discussing how to set up the room, moving tables and chairs, serving food, chit chatting. May-Faa and I prayed for families before we started. At the time, I felt it was not only a CRC activity. It was a family gathering.

In the classroom, our new teacher Dorothy did the balloon twisting for the kids. Dorothy did a great job! She herself and the kids were so happy to be in the classroom. God's love is flowing around!

We had our parents' group in another room. Thank Cristina, the volunteer that did the decision prayer for one parent last month, to join us again! She did a great job to share the gospel and make connections with BCEC when one parent told me she wants to know more about Jesus and asked if it is possible to go to church with her son being taken care of. Praise the Lord again!

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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