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CRC November 2022 Updates (Thanksgiving!)

On 11/19, we had our very first in person Thanksgiving party since Pandemic! It was an amazing party where volunteers, parents and kids played together. Kids were running around while parents and volunteers were talking. It looked like a family party! The more wonderful part is that kids became volunteers and volunteers were served by the kids too! When I saw those grown kids serving others with their smiling faces, I realized this is true - “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Act 20:35.”

In addition to serving others, kids also had fun in the classroom. They did the thankful tree together with our volunteers! The tree came with the words “God”, “Dad”, “Mom” and “Family. By reading those words, I realized how important those elements (God and family) are to support kids to grow and change. The tree motivates our team to focus on sharing gospel to more families and asking not only moms but also dads to join CRC next year!

In the parents’ group, we are very excited to have Fengming Cui to join our team! She is a director of the China Program at the Harvard Law School, engaging with academia and disability organizations in China, in forms of teaching, research, and NGO capacity building projects. She will focus on doing the parent support work for Chinese families with disabilities in MA. After we discussed how to help parents, she suggested parents with disabilities talk to her individually so she can understand more about their challenges and difficulties and how God's love and grace can help them. So please contact us if you know any families who want to talk to Fengming. I am happy to connect with them!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Him, Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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