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CRC October 2022 Updates

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

On 10/22, we had our wonderful 2nd relaunch of CRC in Fall 2022. Praise the Lord we had more parents and kids joining us this time. All of us had so much fun when we met and talked to each other in person!

In the teaching class, Mei-Hua designed a group activity for kids and volunteers to design and paint their pumpkins and owls for Halloween. It was amazing and the kids were so happy to get the pumpkin or owl decorated by themselves!

In the parents’ group, we shared about our ups and downs over the past couple months, encouraging each other. I also talked to one parent who is working at Project Able to discuss how to reach out to more Chinese families with disabilities and to design our CRC programs next year to help those families under God’s love.

I want to say thank you again to all the volunteers and to encourage you to join CRC for the coming months. What you have done means a lot for the parents and the kids. Let me share a story for you. During CRC event, I asked one parent:

“Your son has joined CRC for over 7 years. What made him come so consistently?”

She answered “He likes CRC very much because HE FEELS PEACE and THINKS HE IS NORMAL HERE. When he gets frustrated in school, he gets CONFIDENCE when he does things with his buddy (volunteer). That’s why he is so happy to come.”

The story reminds me that even very little things we are doing for the parents and kids but, under God’s grace and love, it can have a huge impact!

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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