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CRC September 2023 Updates

Happy Autumn folks! It is getting colder. Hope you guys stay warm and enjoy the leaving-falling weather!

In Sep, we had a celebration party for our 1-year relaunch anniversary! We have done a lot over the past year - more new parents and kids, more volunteers, more delicious food, first outdoor event, having volunteer training, new design website. All of you are so important and contributed so much! Thanks God, leaders, teachers, volunteers, parents and kids!

This huge cake from May-Faa shows our gratitude and appreciation to you as part of CRC. (It is so delicious and we finished almost all of it!)

In addition to the party, kids and volunteers danced, laughed, played on the second floor.

We know that we are on the right direction and ready for the development in the coming months and years. And God will help us.

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