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CRC March and April Updates

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

First of all, Thank you for your prayers. I know that some of you may not physically be a volunteer, but I believe that your prayers did make a difference for CRC and our community. When we see the amazing grace and miracles on CRC, I realize that God is answering your prayers. So please don't stop to pray for us. We appreciate that!

In March and April, we did our CRC activities as usual. However, the touching stories always show me God will provide and remind me how important it is to reach out to more families with disabilities in our community.

The first story started before CRC in March. One lady came into my office 2 weeks before CRC activity. We didn’t know each other much. During the conversation she told me that she is a member of BCEC and watched the WeTalk800 interview about CRC. I asked if she was interested in being a volunteer. She joined our Mar event and shared the gospel to one parent. At the end of CRC, the parent decided to accept Jesus and the lady did the decision prayer for her!

Another story in April CRC. Because of the large number of participants, my wife joined to help. One parent shared to my wife about her story of why her son had a severe brain injury because the ambulance did not send him to Boston Children’s Hospital where had all his medical records. My wife was so surprised that the parent was so calm to share something that could be the saddest one in her life. The story touches my heart so deeply not only about the occurrence but also the similar reasons of why autism is diagnosed late in children in rural areas and low income families because of language barriers, lack of knowledge and resources.

It is important to pray for those families but even more important to do something for them.

What we are doing:

  • Praise the lord! We are very happy to have Dorothy Tai coming as our teacher!!! Thank you for her dedication and passion to help! I met Dorothy and her husband Wahdee in BCEC and was interviewed by her in Wetalk 800. They are so lovely and happy and willing to serve God! I am so grateful for her to join our team!

  • On May 6, I participated in training held by CBCGB presented by specialists from The May Institution. The training helped me to understand more children of special needs and how to design the program to support them. It was very specific to talk about how to take care of kids with disabilities and the content will help us how to make workshops for the volunteers in the future.

  • Feel free to share the interview from Wetalk800 to your friends and families ( so they can know more about CRC. We also asked the parents to invite their neighbors and friends who have disabled kids. You can email us if they have any questions!

In Him,

Roy Ko (On Behalf of CRC)

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